May 27, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

What is Psalms 119 vs 49-56 ZAYIN and Galatians 5:13
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ZAYIN 49Remember the word that you have spoken to me, your servant. You have made me put my hope in it. 50When I have trouble, your promise gives me peace in my mind. It makes my life strong again. 51 Proud people laugh at me all the time. But I do not turn away from your Law. 52 Lord, I remember the rules that you made long ago. When I do that, I feel happy. 53When wicked people turn against your Law, I become very angry. 54Wherever I live, I sing songs about your rules. 55In the night, Lord, I think about who you are. I will continue to obey your Law. 56This is what I do every day: I obey your teaching. My Christian friends, God has chosen you to serve him as free people. But you are still weak and human. So you are not free to do anything that you might want to do. Instead, you must serve one another, because you love each other.