June 16, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

What is Psalms 119 vs 17-24 GIMEL and Philippians 2:7

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GIMEL 17Please be kind to me, your servant. Then I will live and I will obey your message. 18Open my eyes wide! Then I will see great things in your Law. 19I live like a stranger here on the earth. Please do not hide your commands from me. 20I really want to obey your rules all the time. I want that more than anything else. 21You warn people who are proud. If they turn away from your commands, you will surely punish them. 22I obey your rules. So do not let people insult me, so that I become ashamed. 23Rulers may think of ways to hurt me. But I will think carefully about your rules. 24Yes, your laws make me really happy. They show me the right way to live. Instead, he chose to leave heaven. He took for himself the nature of a slave. He became like a human. https://temtube.com/#bible#bibleverse#subscribe