July 18, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

What is Proverbs 7 and Psalms 105:1

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Wisdom Will Keep You From Adultery 1My son, remember my words. Don’t forget what I have told you. 2Consider my teaching as precious as your own eyes. Obey my commands, and you will have a good life. 3Tie them around your finger. Write them on your heart. 4Treat wisdom like the woman you love and knowledge like the one dearest to you. 5Wisdom will save you from that other woman, the other man’s wife, who tempts you with such sweet words. 6One day I was looking out my window 7at some foolish teenagers and noticed one who had no sense at all. 8He was walking through the marketplace and came to the corner where a certain woman lived. He then turned up the road that goes by her house. 9The day was ending. The sun had set, and it was almost dark. 10Suddenly, there she was in front of him, dressed like a prostitute. She had plans for him. 11She was a wild and rebellious woman who would not stay at home. 12She walked the streets, always looking for someone to trap. 13She grabbed the young man and kissed him. Without shame, she looked him in the eye and said, 14“I offered a fellowship offering today. I gave what I promised to give, 15and I still have plenty of food left. So I came out to find you, and here you are! 16I have clean sheets on my bed—special ones from Egypt. 17My bed smells wonderful with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. 18Come, let’s enjoy ourselves all night. We can make love until dawn. 19My husband has gone on a business trip. 20He took enough money for a long trip and won’t be home for two weeks.7:20 won’t be … weeks Literally, “will not come home until the full moon.” The fellowship offering (see verse 14) was usually at the time of the new moon, the first day of the Hebrew month, which was two weeks before the full moon.” 21This is what the woman said to tempt the young man, and her smooth words tricked him. 22He followed her, like a bull being led to the slaughter. He was like a deer walking into a trap, 23where a hunter waits to shoot an arrow through its heart. The boy was like a bird flying into a net, never seeing the danger he was in. 24Now, sons, listen to me. Pay attention to what I say. 25Don’t let your heart lead you to an evil woman like that. Don’t go where she wants to lead you. 26She has brought down some of the most powerful men; she has left many dead bodies in her path. 27Her house is the place of death. The road to it leads straight to the grave. Give thanks to the Lord and call out to him! Tell the nations what he has done! https://temtube.com/#bible#bibleverse#subscribe