July 17, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

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Two Sinful Sisters Full Video

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Ezekiel 23 Two Sinful Sisters 1The Lord said: 2Ezekiel, son of man, listen to this story about two sisters. 3While they were young and living in Egypt, they became prostitutes. 4The older one was named Oholah, which stands for Samaria; the younger one was Oholibah, which stands for Jerusalem. They became my wives and gave birth to my children. 5Even though Oholah was my wife, she continued to be a prostitute and chased after Assyrian lovers. 6She offered herself to soldiers in purple uniforms: handsome, high-ranking officers and cavalry troops. 7She had sex with all the important Assyrian officials and even worshiped their disgusting idols. 8Once she started doing these things in Egypt, she never stopped. Men slept with her, and she was always ready for sex. 9So I gave Oholah to the Assyrian lovers she wanted so badly. 10They ripped off her clothes, then captured her children and killed her. Women everywhere talked about what had happened to Oholah. 11Oholibah saw all this, but she was more sinful and wanted sex more than her sister Oholah ever did. 12Oholibah also chased after good-looking Assyrian officers, uniformed soldiers, and cavalry troops. 13Just like her sister, she did vulgar things. 14But Oholibah behaved worse than her sister. Oholibah saw images of Babylonian men carved into walls and painted red. 15They had belts around their waists and large turbans on their heads, and they reminded her of Babylonian cavalry officers. 16As soon as she looked at them, she wanted to have sex with them. And so, she sent messengers to bring them to her. 17Men from Babylonia came and had sex with her so many times that she got disgusted with them. 18She let everyone see her naked body and didn’t care if they knew she was a prostitute. That’s why I turned my back on her, just as I had done with her older sister. 19Oholibah didn’t stop there, but became even more immoral and acted as she had back in Egypt. 20She eagerly wanted to go to bed with Egyptian men, who were famous for their sexual powers. 21And she longed for the days when she was a young prostitute, when men enjoyed caressing her body. 2 Timothy 3:16 Everything in the Scriptures is God’s Word. All of it is useful for teaching and helping people and for correcting them and showing them how to live.https://temtube.com/