June 16, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

Numbers chapter 8 Aaron puts the gold lamps in place

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The Lord said to Moses, 2“Tell Aaron to put the seven lamps on the lampstand so they shine toward the front.” 3Aaron obeyed and placed the lamps as he was told. 4The lampstand was made of hammered gold from its base to the decorative flowers on top, exactly like the pattern the Lord had described to Moses. Instructions for Ordaining the Levites 5The Lord said to Moses: 6The Levites must be acceptable to me before they begin working at the sacred tent. So separate them from the rest of the Israelites 7and sprinkle them with the water that washes away their sins. Then have them shave their entire bodies and wash their clothes. 8They are to bring a bull and its proper grain sacrifice of flour mixed with olive oil. And they must bring a second bull as a sacrifice for sin. 9Then you, Moses, will call together all the people of Israel and send the Levites to my sacred tent, 10where the people will place their hands on them. 11Aaron will present the Levites to me as a gift from the people, so that the Levites will do my work. 12After this, the Levites are to place their hands on the heads of the bulls. Sacrifice one of the bulls for the forgiveness of sin, and the other to make sure that I am pleased. Then the Levites will be acceptable to me. 13They will stand at my altar in front of Aaron and his sons, who will dedicate the Levites to me. 14This ceremony will show that the Levites are different from the other Israelites and belong to me in a special way. 15After they have been made acceptable and have been dedicated, they will be allowed to work at my sacred tent. 16They are mine and will take the place of the first-born Israelite sons. 17Ex 13.2. When I killed the oldest sons of the Egyptians, I decided that the first-born sons in each Israelite family would be mine, as well as every first-born male from their flocks and herds. 18But now I have chosen these Levites as substitutes for the first-born sons, 19and I have given them as gifts to Aaron and his sons to serve at the sacred tent. I will hold them responsible for what happens to anyone who gets too close to the sacred tent.8.19 I will hold … sacred tent: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text. The Levites Are Dedicated to the Lord 20Moses, Aaron, and the other Israelites made sure that the Levites did everything the Lord had commanded. 21The Levites sprinkled themselves with the water of forgiveness and washed their clothes. Then Aaron brought them to the altar and offered sacrifices to forgive their sins and make them acceptable to the Lord. 22After this, the Levites worked at the sacred tent as assistants to Aaron and his sons, just as the Lord had commanded. 23The Lord also told Moses, 24-25“Levites who are between the ages of 25 and 50 must work at my sacred tent. But once they turn 50, they must retire. 26They may help the other Levites in their duties, but they must no longer be responsible for any work themselves. Remember this when you assign their duties.” https://temtube.com/