June 16, 2024

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Gedaliah rules Judah Full Video

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Jeremiah 40 Gedaliah rules Judah 7Some officers of Judah’s army were living in fields in the country, with their soldiers. They heard news that the king of Babylon had chosen Ahikam’s son Gedaliah to have authority over Judah. He ruled over the very poor people of Judah who continued to live there. They were the men, women and children that Babylon’s soldiers had not taken away as prisoners. 8These army officers and their soldiers came to meet with Gedaliah at Mizpah. The officers were: Nethaniah’s son Ishmael, Kareah’s sons, Johanan and Jonathan, Tanhumeth’s son, Seraiah, the sons of Ephai, who came from Netophah, and Jaazaniah, whose father came from Maakah. 9Gedaliah made a serious promise to them that he would not hurt them. He said, ‘Do not be afraid to serve the soldiers from Babylon. Make your homes here in our land, but agree to serve the king of Babylon. If you do that, you will be successful. 10I myself will stay here in Mizpah. If Babylon’s officers come to visit me, I will speak on your behalf. But you should go and live in the towns that you have taken for yourselves. Then you can eat the things that you grow in your fields. You can pick grapes to make wine and olives to make oil. You can pick dates and figs. You can store these things in jars.’ 11There were people of Judah who had run away to live in Moab, Ammon, Edom and other countries. They heard the news that the king of Babylon had let some people continue to live in Judah. They also heard that he had chosen Ahikam’s son Gedaliah to be their ruler. 12As a result, all those people returned to their homes in Judah. On their way, they stopped in Mizpah to meet Gedaliah. When they arrived, they picked a big harvest of dates, figs and grapes to make wine. Ephesians 6:14 Stand therefore, having fastened on the belt of truth, and having put on the breastplate of righteousness https://temtube.com/