June 15, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

2nd Samuel 15 and Revelation 21:4

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2 Samuel 15 Absalom causes the people to love him 1Some time after that, Absalom bought a chariot and horses. He had 50 men who ran in front of him. 2He got up early in the morning. Then he went to stand at the side of the road by the city’s gate. He shouted to anyone who was coming to see the king. Then he asked, ‘Where have you come from?’ The man would tell Absalom which tribe of Israel he came from. He knew that the man was arguing with another man about a problem. They wanted the king to tell them the right answer to that problem. 3Then Absalom would say, ‘I am sure that you are right and not the other man. But there is nobody of the king’s officers to listen to you.’ 4And Absalom would also say, ‘If I became a judge in this country, people with problems would be able to come to me. I would be a fair judge for them.’ 5The man would bend down because he wanted to honour Absalom. But he would put out his hands and he would pull the man to himself. Then he would kiss him. 6Absalom did this to all the people who came to ask the king for a judgement. That was how he caused all the men in Israel to love him. 7After 4 years, Absalom spoke to the king. ‘Please let me go to Hebron. I have promised something to the Lord. 8I did it while I was living in Geshur in Aram,’ he said. ‘I promised to worship the Lord in Hebron if the Lord brought me to Jerusalem again.’ 9The king said, ‘Go in peace.’ So he went to Hebron. Revelation 21:4 God will take away all the tears from their eyes. Nobody will ever die again. Nobody will be sad again. Nobody will ever cry. Nobody will have pain again. Everything that made people sad has now gone. That old world has completely gone away.’ https://temtube.com/