June 15, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

2 Kings Chapter 6 amd Psalms 85:2

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2 Kings Chapter 6 The company of prophets tells Elisha they feel a bit cramped and would like a bigger place to live in. They want to gather logs at the Jordan to build new lodgings, and Elisha says “Go ahead.” So, they go and start chopping down trees, when one of the prophets accidentally drops his iron axe in the river. He feels bad because he borrowed the axe. Elisha miraculously throws a stick in the river, which causes the iron axe to float back up to the surface. Blinded by the Light The Arameans are at war with Israel. The King of Aram decides to set his camp at a certain place where he can ambush the Israelites. Elisha prophetically warns the King of Israel not to pass by that place, successfully saving them. Then, he pulls the same prophetic miracle again. The King of Aram asks his soldiers if one of them is a traitor, but they tell him that it must be the prophet Elisha. So the King of Aram sends a huge army to track down Elisha. It surrounds the city where Elisha is staying. When Elisha’s servant gets up in the morning, he’s terrified by the sight of the Aramean army. But Elisha tells him that they (Elisha and the servant) have more allies on their side. Elisha asks God to open the servant’s eyes and the servant suddenly sees that, on the mountain surrounding them, the fiery chariots and horses of the divine army are arrayed in massive numbers. As the Arameans attempt to attack him, Elisha asks God to strike them blind. He does. Elisha pretends to help them and leads the blind army to Samaria and to the King of Israel. When he restores their vision they realize where they are. The King of Israel asks Elisha if he should kill them, but Elisha says no, that wouldn’t be fair. So they treat the Arameans to a great feast and then… let them go. Roasted Child, with a Side of Hashbrowns King Ben Hadad of Aram launches a siege against Samaria, causing a famine. As the King of Israel walks on the city wall, a woman cries out to him for aid. He says he can’t help her, but asks what’s wrong. The woman says that the famine has gotten so bad that she and a neighbor woman have eaten their own sons together. The King of Israel tears his clothes and—somewhat irrationally—sends a man to find and kill Elisha. Meanwhile, Elisha is sitting in a house with the city’s elders. He tells them that an assassin is coming to kill him and they should shut the doors. However, the king arrives before the assassin and starts asking Elisha why he should keep trusting in God and hoping things will turn out alright. Psalms 85:2 You forgave the iniquity of your people and covered all their sins. https://temtube.com/