July 23, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

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Those of you who went to church with us in Columbus, Georgia know the history of Thomas. Those in Knoxville have only known him in his wheelchair which he has been in for 27 years. Last year he decided he wanted to try to learn to walk with crutches again and started going to Gold’s Gym. He had done research on the internet as to which exercises to do and started going to the gym Mondays – Saturdays. He worked hard and people in the gym began to notice and asked him what his goal was. He told them and next thing he knew several had bought sessions for him to have a personal trainer. Frederic Leyd ( Michelle Jennings Leyd ) was his personal trainer that people coming to the gym paid sessions for the year! Frederic knew what Thomas needed and worked hard with him to accomplish his goal. Thomas works every day at increasing his distance, which isn’t easy but he doesn’t give up. He only uses his crutches at home. I’m really proud of his determination and his progress and his attitude of not getting discouraged and not giving up. He works out 3 – 4 hours each day!!! I told him the other day that I go to the gym twice a day!!! Once to take him and once to pick him up…..lol. Proud of your hard work Thomas