July 17, 2024

Thomas McNeilly

Jesus Christ is King

1 Chronicles Chapter 24 and Hebrews 13:16

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1 Chronicles Chapter 24 The Chronicler gives us a big long list of the descendants of Aaron and his sons Eleazar and Ithamar. Aaron’s relatives who were alive in David’s day will be serving as priests. Sure, there are more potential priests on Eleazar’s side, but both groups get to share equally in all the duties in the Temple. No rivalries there. To decide who exactly gets to do what, the guys “cast lots.” Basically that just means they randomly picked to see who got what job. Of course, that means that God had a hand in their selection because he loves manipulating games of chance. The Levites do the same thing. They randomly pick to see who gets what duty in the Temple. Sorry to whoever pulls goat dung cleaning duty. Hebrews 13:16 Remember to be kind to other people. Share with them the things that you have. God is happy with sacrifices like that. https://temtube.com/#followforfollowback