1 Chronicles Chapter 16 and Matthew 6:11

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1 Chronicles Chapter 16 The Ark is home in Jerusalem. David puts it in a special tent he made and he gets the party started by putting on some burnt offerings. He also passes out bread, meat, and cakes to every single person in Israel in celebration. He’s the tops. Then he appoints certain Levites to take charge of the Ark and tells Asaph (one of the Levites) to sing a song praising God. Asaph thanks God and praises him in song. He tells all about how the Jewish people started out. They were just 12 sons of Jacob and now look at them: from small to mighty in a whole bunch of generations. Since the days of Abraham, God protected his chosen people. He helped them be fruitful and multiply, gave them a homeland, and told their enemies to back off. And if God keeps on saving the people, they’ll keep on praising him. Finally, David heads back home confident that everything is being taken care of with the Ark and that everyone in charge is going to keep things running smoothly. Fingers crossed. Matthew 6:11 Give us today our daily bread. https://temtube.com/